Basic Equipment

Most of our outings take place outdoors and Scouts should be equipped properly to enjoy these adventures. While it is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on quality outdoor equipment and apparel, if your son is new to camping and hiking you should consider purchasing only the necessities. The Troop will provide some of the equipment needed on outings such as tents, stoves and cook gear. Certain personal items – such as a backpack – can be rented or borrowed until such time as you are certain your son needs his own equipment.

Every Scout is expected to provide certain basic equipment items that will enable him to participate safely in the outdoor program.

  • Sleeping Bag – Each Scout should own his own sleeping bag. The bag should be suitable for sleeping in a tent in a variety of weather conditions. This is one of the more critical items for enjoying the outdoors and we recommend purchasing a quality sleeping bag from an outdoor retailer. (See the sidebar for more information on choosing a sleeping bag)
  • Sleeping Pad – A sleeping pad is basically a mattress for the tent. The proper pad is small, light-weight and provides suitable insulation when sleeping on the cold ground.
  • Rain Gear – Scouts must be prepared for a variety of conditions when on a camping trip. A proper rain jacket or poncho with a hood is an essential for every trip.
  • Shoes – Proper footgear should be worn at all times when outdoors. A pair of trail shoes or hiking boots are supportive and will keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Mess Kit – Scouts adhere to the Leave No Trace wilderness policy and try to minimize waste on outings. Scouts are required to provide their own “mess kit” consisting of a plate, bowl, cup and utensils on each outing. (Plastic picnic dinnerware works great!)
  • Daypack – A small backpack is required for many hikes and outings. It allows the Scout to carry essential gear, water and food while out-of-doors.