Knives and Fire

Every boy seems fascinated with knives and fire. When a new Scout finds out he needs to carry a knife and matches with him on hikes, he will immediately try and convince his parents that he needs a flamethrower and machete.

Parents and Scouts should know that a small “Swiss Army” knife or multi-tool with a 4″ blade is more than sufficient for use on a hike or campout.

Parents and Scouts should also know that the Troop discourages possession of disposable lighters, Zippo lighters or butane lighters.  Older Scouts may carry a lighter in place of matches, but anyone caught playing with a lighter will have it confiscated.  Fire is serious business and Scouts must demonstrate respect and understanding of the uses and dangers of fire.

Scouts are taught knife and fire safety. Scouts who earn the “Tot’n Chip” may carry and use a knife. Scouts who earn the “Firem’n Chit” may build and start fires and stoves.