Cell Phones & Personal Electronics

Over the past year the Troop has been somewhat lenient in allowing Scouts to carry cell phones and personal electronics at meetings and on outings.  These have been allowed only so far as they did not distract from the Scout’s participation in the meeting or outing.

Unfortunately, these devices have become a significant distraction recently.  Scouts have been observed texting friends or making phone calls during meetings.  Scouts have been observed playing games or watching movies in their tents during campfire or cracker barrel on outings.

In order to avoid further distractions and to keep the Scouts focused and engaged in group activities during meetings and outings, the following policy is being put in place:

Effective immediately, cell phones and personal electronics (iPods, Gameboys, Portable Media Players, etc.) are prohibited at all Troop Meetings, Outings and Events.

Scouts found in possession of cell phones or personal electronic devices will have them confiscated and they will be returned to the parent at the earliest convenience.

Should parents need to reach a Scout in an emergency, the parent should contact the Scoutmaster or trip leader on his cell phone.

Scouts needing to make emergency calls to their parents will be allowed to use the Scoutmaster’s or trip leader’s cell phone.

Parents are strongly encouraged to set an example for the Scouts by restricting their own use of personal electronics and cell phones while at Troop Meetings or while on outings.