Welcome to the NEW Troop 591 Website

Why a new website you might ask?

We’ve had several different tools to help us communicate. Our town website was mostly used by people looking for information about the Troop. The Yahoo! Group is used by members of the Troop for communication. Flickr is used to host Troop photos.

But none of these tools were linked together … until now!

I hope that this new site will bring together public information, resources for the Scouts and parents, links to Council and District sites, our Shop For Scouts program and anything else we can think of.

The site is written in a ‘blog’ format where Troop Leadership can post information about upcoming events, provide trip reports on outings, provide links to photos from the Flickr site and more.  Registered Scouts can comment on posts and we hope will eventually be able to post questions in a bulletin board section.

Much of the information here is available to the public, but you’ll need an account to access certain files and posts on the site and to receive email notifications of updates, so make sure to see me for a user ID and password.

As we bring more features to our Web site, we’ll make further announcements. If you are using the site and think of any good ideas, please make sure you send them to me.

I hope you enjoy the new site!!!

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. J…
Scoutmaster, Troop 591