Blue Cards for GLD Merit Badge College

A reminder to Scouts planning on attending the GLD Merit Badge College on Feb 28 …

In order to be eligible to attend one of the merit badge classes, you must have a ‘Blue Card’ filled out and signed by your Scoutmaster.

Please fill out the Blue Card with your personal information and the name of the merit badge.  Leave the counselor information blank – Your counselor will provide that information when you arrive for the class.

If you’re new to the process, check out ‘Blue Card Bingo‘ – which can be found in the Training section of the web site under Resources on the main page.  The pamphlet provides instructions for filling out and processing the Blue Card to create a record of each merit badge you’ve earned.

Blue Cards for the GLD Merit Badge College must be signed by the Scoutmaster no later than Feb 25th at the Troop Meeting.  As there is no Troop Meeting on Feb 18 during the winter break, you have only 2 meetings remaining to get your Blue Cards signed!