Reminder – Gear Shakedown Tomorrow

A reminder that there will be a gear shakedown tomorrow night at the Troop meeting.

Bring your personal gear packed in your pack and ready to go on the trip.  The Troop leadership will inspect your packs and gear and help make sure you are prepared for the outing this weekend.

This inspection is particularly important for our new Scouts!  This will be the last chance to make adjustments before the trip.

Gear checklists are provided in your Scout Handbook.  Some of the key points for this trip are

  • The 10 Essentials
  • Layers!! You will be hot on the hike and cold overnight, so make sure you have the correct clothing to keep you warm and protect you from the elements.
  • Sleeping Bag and Pad rated to 20 degrees.  A bivy sack, sleeping bag liner, blanket or extra summer-weight sleeping bag can increase the warmth and comfort of your bag.  And don’t forget a pad!!  It’s all that stands between you and the cold snowy ground when you crawl in to your tent!
  • Extra socks, long underwear or fleecy pajamas, t-shirt or fleece so that you are nice and dry when you zip up into your bag.
  • Rain gear.  It’s March – rain or snow are equally possible!!
  • Winter boots, hat, gloves and snow pants
  • Hiking poles or ski poles can help you when hiking in snowshoes!
  • Daypack for the hike!

See you tomorrow night!