Last Minute Reminders for Snowshoe Outing

A couple of last minute reminders for this weekend’s outing:

  • The trail guide and topo map for our hike have been posted in the Outings section (login required).  All Scouts should print the guides and bring them in a 1-gallon Zip Loc bag for the trip.
  • We’ll be meeting at St. Mark’s at 6:45 am Saturday morning to load gear and Scouts for the drive.
  • Don’t forget your daypack in addition to your overnight pack!
  • If you have ski poles or hiking poles they may come in handy on our hike
  • Energy bars or trail mix make great snacks for the trail (and extra food is part of your 10-essentials!)

Finally, with regard to the weather:

The forecast is for warm temperatures in the valley, which means we will quickly get warm on the hike.  The higher elevations, however, may remain chilly and you will get colder in camp as the sun sets and we’re not moving around as much.

Scouts should be careful not to overdress for the hike.  Hot and sweaty hikers become wet and cold hikers when we stop.

Make sure you can shed layers to keep your cool as well as bringing extra layers to warm you up when we stop for lunch or for the night.

Let me know if you have any questions … otherwise I’ll see you Saturday morning!