Adult Volunteers Needed!

As you know, the trip for May is a backpacking trip.  We are planning on splitting the Troop for this trip and will need adult volunteers for transportation and to accompany both groups on the trek.

The first group will be older Scouts interested in pursuing the Backpacking Merit Badge.  The hike will be 15+ miles over 3 days (departing on Friday) in order to qualify as a trek for the Backpacking MB.  Scouts interested in joining this group must be First Class or above and have participated in at least one prior backpacking trek with the Troop.

The second group will be our younger Scouts and those looking for a more leisurely stroll in the woods.  This group will depart Saturday morning and join the first group on the trail.  The hike is expected to be 3-5 miles.

Both groups will camp overnight at the same location on Saturday, but the first group will be hiking an additional 5+ miles on Sunday, where the second group will have a short hike out to the cars.

Itinerary is being finalized, but is likely to be in the Monadnock region on either the Metacomet-Manadnock trail or the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway.

Both groups need at least 2 adults to accompany the boys on the trek and we need transportation support for the hikers.

If you are able to volunteer your time to support the boys on this outing, please see me at the meeting or drop me an email.