Photos posted from Backpacking Trek

It was quite an adventure for both seasoned hikers and our newest Scouts when we hiked Mt. Manadnock this past weekend!

For a smaller group of Scouts working on the Backpacking Merit Badge, it was a 20-mile trek over 3 days.  We started at the base of Monadnock and hiked the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway to the Spiltoir Shelter 4 miles to the north.  After a rainy overnight at the shelter, we hiked south to join the main group in at the base of Monadnock.

The entire group hiked 6 miles up and over Monadnock to the campground at the base of the mountain.  The hike took about 6 hours and included some pretty tough climbs through steep rocky sections of the trail.  The group was rewarded with lunch at the summit under partly cloudy skies.  The hike down proved equally challenging in places as parts of the trail were pretty slick after the rains the night before.  We made it into camp around 3:30 for a well deserved rest.

After a pretty tough day, it wasn’t hard to convince the Scouts to hit their tents for a good night’s sleep after a short campfire.

The following morning the main group hiked 2 miles out to the cars while the long-hikers treked another 5 miles to the base of Gap Mountain to the south.

I’m really proud of all the boys (and the dads!) for accomplishing a pretty tough hike!

Pictures have been posted in the Photos section of the website … hope you enjoy them as much as I did!