Directions to Yawgoog

2009 Summer Camp Begins on Sunday!

Everyone’s excited about camp (and hoping the weather is better next week!).  Sunday is the day — but what should you expect on Sunday and when should you arrive and where do you go and who do you see???  Hopefully this post will answer most of your questions …

Camp Yawgoog is located in Rockville, RI only a few miles from the Connecticut border.  The best route is to take I-495 to I-295 through Worcester and I-395 south through Connecticut.  Take Exit 85 on to CT-138 east.  Follow CT-138 for about 13 miles to Camp Yawgoog Road on the right.  (Look out for the big yellow canoe sign that points the way to Yawgoog).  Drive time is a little shy of 2 hours from Westford.

Yawgoog Drive Map

Arriving at Camp

Camp checkin does not start until 3:30 on Sunday.  Troops may not be able to access their campsite until 5:30 (although often it is earlier).

We advise parents to plan to arrive right around 3:30 as parking fills up quickly.  Directions to camp are provided below.

As you approach the camp entrance, you will take a right turn just before the gates and proceed past the rifle range on your right to the Sandy Beach parking area on the left (see diagram below).  If parking is full in the Sandy Beach parking lot, you may be asked to park at the rifle range.

After you park, leave your gear in the car and come find the Troop on the field in front of the Sandy Beach dining hall.   Bring a camp chair and some snacks with you and we’ll hang out at the field until the registration process is complete and we’re allowed in to the campsite.

**NOTE** The campsite has changed.  We will be staying in the Teddy Roosevelt campsite not Silver Buffalo

Yawgoog Arrival Map

Once we’re processed in, the Troop Gear (Mr. Lauer’s truck) will drive up to the site to unload … we’ll need plenty of help to unload the truck.

After the Troop Gear has been unloaded, we’ll begin to haul personal gear into the site.  Please do not drive on the camp roads without direction from Mr. Lauer or Mr. Jensen.  We will try and transfer as much personal gear as we can to Mr. Lauer’s truck and drive it up to the site.

The SPL and the Patrol Leaders will assign tents.  Please do not move gear into tents until your tent has been assigned.

We have a lot of work to do to set up camp, so if you want to takc a quick walk around with your parents please do so before we begin hauling gear in.

It usually takes an hour or so to process all the gear up to the site.  We are not guaranteed access to the site until 5:30 on Sunday.  Please plan accordingly.

The camp does not serve dinner on Sunday, so the Troop will be eating a light dinner in our site on Sunday night.

Troop Week begins on Monday

Activities start in ernest Monday morning.  The morning is reserved for swim tests and other registration activities.  Program activities begin after lunch on Monday.

Camp, Troop and Patrol schedules will be posted in the campsite on Sunday night.

Class A uniforms are required for dinner every night and for the dress parade.  Class B’s are acceptable at breakfast and lunch.

Sunday Departure

OK, so I left out a lot of the good bits … but the week ends on the following Sunday with a dress parade just after lunch.

Parents should plan on arriving to pick up campers by 10:00 am on Sunday.  We will be striking camp and we have a lot of Troop gear to haul as well as personal gear.  Parents are encouraged to help out to make sure we’re packed and ready to leave by noon.

Just like the arrival procedure, plan on parking at the Sandy Beach lot or in the rifle range and walking to the campsite to find your campers before worrying about loading the car.  The adult leaders will give you further direction to retrieve your son’s gear.

Miscellaneous other stuff …

A couple of other notes:

If you would like to visit camp during the week, please see Mr. Lauer or Mr. Jensen during checkin.  All visitors must register at the Bucklin Center before entering the camp.  The Bucklin Center is just through the main camp gates on the left.

Any adult who plans on staying overnight must have a valid BSA medical form and be registered with the Troop and with the camp.  No Exceptions!!!

By Troop policy, cell phones and other personal electronics are prohibited during camp week. Scouts found in possesion of any personal electronic devices will have them confiscated and they will be returned to the parents at the end of the week.  While business may require adults to use their phones from time-to-time during the week, any adult who remains in camp is encouraged to set an example for the boys and limit their own use of cell phones, Blackberries or other personal electronic devices to necessary or emergency calls.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Jensen or Mr. Lauer.

Directions to Yawgoog

Yawgoog 2009 Packing List

Yawgoog Reservation Map

See you on Sunday at Yawgoog!!