Reminders for this Weekend’s Outing

Just a couple of quick reminders for Scouts attending this weekend’s mountain biking trip …

It’s been warm all week, but the weather forecast is calling for chilly temperatures in the mountains this weekend with lows near freezing both Friday and Saturday night and high’s in the mid to upper 50’s.  Make sure you’re prepared with appropriate clothing and sleeping gear!

In addition to your helmet, consider adding gloves, eye protection, long pants or even elbow/knee pads to your safety gear.  Mountain biking carries a higher risk of a fall, collision or encounters with branches, brush or other obstacles than you would normally expect riding on the road or well maintained bike trails around town.

Above all remember to ride safely and within your abilities.  If you encounter trail conditions that make you uncomfortable, dismount and walk the bike through the more challenging terrain rather than risking an injury by continuing to ride above your ability.

We’ll see you all tomorrow night!