Reminder: Pack Check this Wednesday!

A reminder for Scouts (and parents!) attending this weekend’s backpacking trip …

A pack check will be conducted this Wednesday during the Troop meeting.  Scouts should have their packs fully packed with all personal gear, food and any Troop gear already handed out.  Additional Troop gear will be distributed and all packs fully loaded out for the trip.

A couple of reminders on gear …

  • Although the weather is supposed to warm up again this week, it can be very cold overnight this time of year.  Gloves and hats should be in your bag.
  • Be prepared for rain!  This means rain gear for both you and your pack.  A pack cover or a heavy-duty garbage bag to line your pack are required.
  • Remember to plan your clothing to dress in layers.  Make sure you can take layers off during the hike and put enough layers on during rest stops and overnight to keep you warm.
  • Don’t forget The 10 Essentials!!

See you on Wednesday!