Zipline Outing Reminders

Just a couple of quick reminders for the trip this weekend …

We’re meeting at the church at 6:45 to get Scouts and gear into cars for the ride north.  The plan is to be on the road by 7:00.

Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, but temps will dip just below freezing overnight.  It’s likely to be cool as we hike up into the mountains.  Please remember to bring gloves and hats.

Don’t forget that you’ll need a pack for the hike … water, extra clothing, and the rest of the 10 essentials need to be with you on the hike.

Don’t forget to print out the trail map and trail guide from the website!!  Each Scout should have a map, compass and guide for the hike.

The Zipline tour will run from 9-12 Sunday morning.  We’ll be eating lunch before heading home and expect to arrive back in Westford around 3:00 pm.

See you tomorrow!!