Tonight’s Meeting is Canceled

While Scouts are happy to be out in almost any weather, getting them to and from an event safely is a very important consideration.

Although Westford is on the northern edge of the forecast storm track, we could still experience a significant snow event.  As the brunt of the storm is forecast to hit in the late afternoon and early evening hours, I am going to err on the side of caution and cancel tonight’s meeting.

Please let your fellow Scouts know about the cancellation just in case they did not check email.

Next week is Winter Break, so our next Scout meeting will be Wednesday, February 24.

Our February trip is scheduled for the last weekend of the month, which gives us only the one meeting to prepare.  Please check your email and watch the website for announcements on the trip.

Enjoy the snow (and the 1/2 day at school) and please drive safely if you need to be out in the storm.