Overdue Equipment

Just a quick reminder that some of our Scouts still have Troop equipment that needs to be returned.  Among other things, we are missing one of the 2-man Troop tents which may be needed for the upcoming outing.

It would be nice if we could ask the equipment to return itself, but we do need to rely on our Scouts to take the responsibility to clean, pack and return any borrowed equipment.

It is important that equipment be returned to the Troop at the first opportunity following an outing.  This gives us a chance to make sure the equipment is clean and in good repair for the next outing. We may need to replace any missing parts such as tent stakes or pull cords (which are easy to lose) and repair any damage that may have occurred.  Some of our equipment also needs periodic maintenance and we need the time to make sure this happens on a regular basis.

Please check your closets, basements and garages for any equipment that belongs to the Troop and make sure it is returned at tonight’s meeting.