Reminder: Personal Fitness Test this Sunday

Just a reminder for those who signed up for the Personal Fitness MB that we will be holding the first physical fitness test this Sunday at the WA track at 3:30.

For those who can’t make it, you need to go through the fitness exercises and measurements as outlined in the MB pamphlet (you can also find the requirements online at  You should have your parents or a friend record your times and measurements and bring them – together with your fitness plan – to next week’s meeting.

The MB requirements list the option to record your time for a 1-mile run or to measure the distance you can run in 9 minutes.  We will be using the 1-mile run in our fitness tests, so anyone starting on their own this week should use the same test.  (4 times around the WA track = 1 mile).

If you did not sign up this week but would like to participate anyway, you should meet us at the track this Sunday and you can complete the sign-up at next week’s meeting.