Snowshoeing Photos Posted

cardigan-hike-008For those of you who missed the snowshoe hike because you thought there wouldn’t be any snow, check out the photos I just posted on the website.

We were breaking trail in up to 3′ (yes that’s FEET) of untracked powder for our hike on Mt. Cardigan this past weekend.  It was snowing for most of the trip with a fresh 2-3″ on the ground by the time we got back to the cars.

If you’ve never broken trail on snowshoes, let me assure you that we were a group of really tired hikers by the time we were done.  Winter may be on the wane in Westford, but it’s still going strong up north.

Keep that in mind as we gear up for the Freezeout coming up this month and Be Prepared for some more winter adventures!