Reminder: Rock Climbing Permission Slips Past Due!

Just a reminder that the due date for the Rock Climbing trip was last Wednesday!

There were a number of Scouts without permission slips who indicated that they wanted to attend the trip.  Your timely submission of the permission slips in the future will be greatly appreciated.  Often (as in this case) we need to give firm numbers to the outfitters to reserve equipment and guides for our group. If we over-commit we incur additional costs that are born by the Troop; if we under-commit we risk having no space available and being forced to turn away Scouts.  The best way to avoid either of these issues is to get your permission slips in on time!!

We are holding out for our last minute Scouts, but if your permission slip and waiver are not handed in at this week’s meeting, we cannot hold a spot for you on the trip.