Reminders for Tomorrow’s Troop Meeting

There are a few items that I need to remind Scouts and parents about prior to tomorrow’s meeting.  We have a couple of deadlines and some special activities that may require a bit of advanced preparation from the Scouts.

  • White Water Trip Deadline – If you haven’t signed up and paid for the White Water trip, you must get your payment, permission slip and waiver in tomorrow.  We do require a signed permission slip and waiver from each participant.  This means 2 forms from every Scout or adult attending the trip!!
  • Summer Camp Deadline – The Summer Camp deadline has actually passed, but we only have camp fees from about half of the Scouts.  I strongly suspect that there are a few holdouts in the crowd, so a reminder to get your camp fees in to the Troop this week. ($375 check made payable to Troop 591)
  • T-Shirt DeadlineTroop T-shirt order forms are due this week.  You don’t have to pay anything right now, but your order must be turned in tonight if you want to order your Troop tees.  Remember that the more we order the cheaper the shirts, so in addition to a new shirt for yourself your order will help keep costs low for everyone else!
  • The Great Tarp Challenge – We still have a ways to go before we’re ready for the Tarp Setup Challenge.  Most of you have the Clove Hitch down pat, but we still need work on the Bowline and the Taught-Line Hitch.  A couple of weeks back, Scouts were given a 6′ length of rope to use to practice the knots.  It would be helpful if you bring that rope (or your own rope) to tomorrow’s meeting so we can work on the knots in the meeting. Please keep practicing those knots!!!
  • Personal Fitness MBScouts working on the Personal Fitness MB should plan on showing up 15 minutes early tomorrow night so we can get the pull-up and stretch box tests out of the way early.  Don’t forget to bring a copy of your exercise log!

A lot to remember, but these are all important items on our agenda tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise we’ll see you tomorrow!