Troop Elections

Troop Elections will be held Wednesday, June 2nd during the Troop Meeting.

The Troop will elect the Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders for the upcoming 2010-2011 Scouting season.

To be eligible for the position of Patrol Leader, Scouts must have attained the rank of First Class and be active in the Troop.

To be eligible for the position of Senior Patrol Leader, Scouts must have  attained the rank of Star and be active in the Troop.

Scouts who are interested in running for one of these positions, must submit their name to the Scoutmaster at this week’s meeting.  On the night of Troop elections, Scouts running for office will give a brief, 5-minute speech to the Troop on why they are qualified for the position.

Scouts interested in the Senior Patrol Leader position may also submit their names for a Patrol Leaders position.  If the Scout was to win the Senior Patrol Leader election, his name would be removed from the ballot for Patrol Leader.

After the elections, the Patrol Leader’s Council will meet to consider applications for other Troop leadership positions (Quartermaster, Scribe, etc.).  If you need a leadership position for advancement, you should talk with the Senior Patrol Leader about positions you might be interested in.

The full slate of Troop leadership positions will be announced at the Court of Honor.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Jensen at the meeting.