Weekend Weather Update

For all those coming on the white water rafting trip this weekend, a quick note on the weather forecast …

Unfortunately, it looks like a real Boy Scout trip … there’s rain in the forecast for Saturday!  Although the outlook is for showers, Scouts should be prepared for wet weather and chilly temperatures.

Saturday’s forecast calls for a high of 60 degrees with a 50% chance of showers.  Although rain by itself will do little to dampen the fun (it’s pretty hard to notice a little rain when you’re getting soaked by the river!), the cooler temperatures could make for a chilly and uncomfortable day if you’re not prepared.

The following is directly from the Northern Outdoors website …

You supply bathing suit, sneakers, wool or polar fleece sweater, wind breaker or rain suit. (Do not wear cotton T-shirts, sweaters or jeans on the river.) A dry change of clothes, plus a towel should be waiting for you at the base following the trip. Always wear more clothes than you think you’ll need. Our motto is “you can always take it off”. Footwear must be worn at all times while on the river (sneakers, river sandals, or soft soled shoes).

For all whitewater adventures prior to June 1st, and after October 1st, wetsuits are mandatory, and we strongly recommend them on all cold or overcast days. Under most conditions, a wet suit will keep you warm and comfortable. On very cold days, you may wish to wear a wool or fiberpile sweater and windbreaker over the suit. You may also wish to bring wool or neoprene gloves for additional comfort. A wool cap is strongly recommended. (DO NOT wear cotton T-shirts under your wetsuit. Cotton, when wet, stays cold; wool, polypropylene and modern synthetic thermal materials shed water and stay warm.)

It’s much harder to have fun when you’re cold and miserable. Be Prepared for the weather and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the river experience.