Urgent! Med Form Changes

Parents and Scouts,

It has come to our attention that there has been an update to the BSA med forms and the new form is required for summer camp.

Before you panic, Part A (General Information) and Part B (Physical Exam) remain the same.  The change is only in Part C (Consent Form).

BSA (and Camp Yawgoog) now require the Parental Consent to include names of adults who are authorized to take your Scout to and from the event – and perhaps just as important, the names of adults who are not authorized to transport your son.

Please download the updated med form from our website (http://scouttroop591.org/resources/forms/) and fill out Part C.  Even if you are planning on driving your son to and from camp, it might be prudent to authorize another adult in the Troop to transport your son in case you are unable, for any reason, to make the pick-up.

You may drop off the form this Wednesday at St. Mark’s (see next post) or bring it with you to camp.  We’ll have some extra forms with us at camp, but you must make sure that we have your signed consent on the new form before we can accept your boy into camp.

Sorry about the confusion!