Backpacking Permission Forms Posted

The permission slip and trail maps for this month’s backpacking trip have been posted to the Troop website.

You will need to log in and access the “Outings” section to download the forms.

The permission form was changed slightly at the end of last year.  As a reminder, we need a separate form for each participant (Scout or adult) that will be attending the trip.

Permission slips and payment are due no later than Wednesday, 9/15. We will be purchasing food for distribution at the 9/22 meeting, so last minute sign-ups can’t be accommodated.

There will be a pack check held on Sept 22 – the Wednesday meeting prior to the trip.  Packs must be fully packed and trail ready for inspection and weigh-in that evening.

Patrol Leaders should make sure that patrol gear is distributed at the 9/15 meeting and that food is packaged properly for distribution at the 9/22 meeting.