Personal Fitness MB

A number of Scouts still need to finish up the Personal Fitness MB after completing the physical fitness portion of the badge.

Scouts working on the badge should download the worksheet for the badge from (the direct link to the Word doc is You will need to read the Merit Badge pamphlet to complete the worksheet. Complete all items in the worksheet except for the exercise plan & results (these have already been completed).

It doesn’t have to be neat.  You don’t need to write long essays.  You just need to show me that you’ve done the work necessary to answer the questions required to earn the badge.

When you have completed the worksheet, schedule time to meet with me to go over the questions. Make sure you bring the completed form with you to the meeting.  No form, no meeting – no exceptions!

I will set aside time at next week’s meeting to go over the forms with those who have completed them.  This will allow you to get the badge logged for the upcoming Court of Honor.

Don’t delay, git ‘er done!!