September’s Scoutmaster Challenge

September’s Scoutmaster Challenge has been posted to the website!

There is a new section called “Activities” on the main menu.  Under that is a page called “Scoutmaster’s Challenge” where you will find each month’s challenge as well as the answers to that challenge (only, of course, after everyone’s submitted their responses!).

This months challenge is a quiz on camping etiquette.  Some (but not all) of the answers can be found in your handbook.  Others will take a bit of research or some thinking to arrive at the correct answer.

If you wish to participate, download the challenge, print it out and circle your answers on the page.  Submit it to  the Scoutmaster at the beginning of next week’s meeting.  The Scout with the most points will win the challenge (and an exciting prize!).  If there is a tie, the highest scoring Scouts will need to answer some bonus questions to determine the winner.

The points from the monthly challenges will be totaled and the Scout with the most points at the end of the year will win a Grand Prize. The Patrol with the most points will win the privilege of Duty Free Day at Summer Camp.  (This means your whole patrol gets one day without waiter, fire, latrine, flags, or clean-up duty … go relax!)