Bike Trip Information Posted

The trip information and trail maps for this month’s biking trip have been posted to the Troop website.

You will need to log in and access the “Outings” section to download the files.

This month we’re introducing a new, generic permission form.  The form is a PDF file that can be edited and saved using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.  You will need to enter the name of the event and the event dates along with the Scout’s information and parent’s contact details.  Once you’ve filled in all your contact information, you can save a copy to your computer and simply edit the event information for the next outing.  We will provide a link to the form on the outing page, but also on the Forms page.  As a reminder, we need a separate form for each participant (Scout or adult) that will be attending the trip.

Permission slips and payment are due no later than Wednesday, 10/20 – although we would prefer to know if you’re coming on the trip at this week’s meeting (10/13).

The requirements for the outing are in the info sheet, but I will stress that bike helmets are mandatory for all riders.

Adult volunteers may be needed to help transport bikes.  Please see the Scoutmaster at this week’s meeting if you can help us with transportation.