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Hi guys,

We have  a backpacking trip this weekend to prepare for, the freeze-out/cub scout invitational next weekend to plan for, and a sled to build for January’s Klondike Derby! So lets get to it.

For Everybody:

1) Please E-mail your patrol leader whether or not you are going on the trip this weekend. Their E-mail addresses are in the rosters that you picked up at the Court of Honor. Even if you are not going, E-mail your patrol leader!

2) Start thinking about what activities you think would be fun to do with the cub scouts. If you have ideas, write them down and give them to your patrol leader.

For Leadership

1) PLs: Come to the meeting on Wednesday with a definitive list of who is and is not coming on the trip this weekend from your patrols. Make sure you have a final answer from everybody; I don’t want to hear any maybes on Wednesday.

2) Be prepared to collect ideas from your patrols, and think of some yourselves.

3) Start looking for designs of constructible  dog sleds for the Klondike Derby.

4) Please make every effort to be at all of the meetings. I need you there to help me make sure all of this happens.

For Adults

1) Please help the patrol leaders by making sure your boys E-mail them.

2) Please E-mail Mr. Jensen if you can attend the trip this weekend, as we have a shortage of adult leaders.

Thank you guys for all of your work. Lets finish 2010 ahead and running! Please, be there on Wednesday.

Your SPL, Chris