Scoutmaster Challenge “Two-fer”

I was late getting the Scoutmaster Challenge posted for October, so this month I’m offering a “two-fer” … That’s right!  2 (count ’em TWO) challenges to test your Scouting skills!

The first challenge is the Knotty Challenge, which will test your rope handling prowess.  Knot only do you need to identify all the knots, but you can earn points for learning to tie them all as well!

The second challenge is called “Where the Heck Are We?” and is designed to test your map reading skills.  Grab your compass, print the map and figure out where we are in each of the questions on the quiz.

Both challenges are posted on the “Scoutmaster’s Challenge” page under the Activities section of our website.

Your answers to both challenges are  due by November 24th — just in time for Thanksgiving.  The winners of each challenge will be announced on December 1.

Remember: A Valuable Prize will be awarded to the winner of each challenge, but you are also earning points for your patrol – so every answer counts!