Carter Notch Photos Posted

I’ve just uploaded the photos from our trip this past weekend.  It was an amazing trip and I managed to get some pretty great photos of our adventures!

We arrived late on Friday night at Pinkham Notch and stayed overnight in Joe Dodge Lodge.  After a good night’s sleep (and an inch of fresh snow) we ate breakfast in the cafeteria and drove down the road to the trailhead.  We hiked up the 19-Mile Brook Trail (the brook is 19 miles, the trail was only 4 miles) to Carter Notch Hut.  After lunch the older boys and a couple of willing adults began the hike up Carter Dome.  The near-vertical ascent tested a few nerves and strained the knees, but we made it up to the ridge before needing to turn back to get down before supper.

The boys hung out in the cabins and the dining room after dinner before watching the “Super Moon” rise over Carter Dome.  It was a crystal clear night and you could walk around the cabins without needing your light!

Sunday morning it was clear and cold with not a cloud in the sky.  After breakfast we gathered our gear, said farewell to the caretaker and hiked back down the cars.

This was certainly an adventure to remember!

The photos from the trip are on the website at  The photos are scaled down for the website, but if you’re interested in copies of the full size images you can also find them on my SmugMug page at