Elections, Boards and Conferences (Oh My!)

Just a quick note to remind Scouts and parents about activities at this week’s meeting.

Troop Elections are scheduled this Wednesday.  Scouts will be electing their Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders to take us through the summer and into the fall.

Candidates for Senior Patrol Leader must hold the rank of Star or higher.  Candidates for Patrol Leader must hold the rank of First Class or higher.

Other leadership positions are appointed by the SPL.  If you have interest in holding a Troop Leadership position, you should let the SPL know about the position you are interested in.  Preference will be given to Scouts that require leadership for advancement.

This Wednesday is the final week to turn in advancement prior to the Court of Honor on June 11.  If you need a Board of Review or a Scoutmaster Conference you must present yourself in your Class A uniform and have your Scout Handbook with you.

I would like to ask our committee members to plan on attending to serve on Boards of Review.  Please drop me a quick note and let me know if you will be present for the meeting on Wednesday.