Dry Bags for this Weekend’s Trip

An update on dry bags for this weekend’s trip …

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anyone locally who will rent dry bags.  The last trip we took, EMS and REI both rented dry bags, but are not currently renting them.  I also contacted our outfitter who does not provide them either.

This means Scouts and parents will need to supply their own dry bags or find other means of waterproofing their gear.

Dry bags are available for purchase at EMS and REI locally.  20 liter dry bags (which is about the right size for stuffing down the kayak hatch) are prices from around $20-$30 each.  Smaller bags are less, larger bags are more (as you might guess). You will probably need 2 bags per paddler – 1 for personal gear and clothing the other for your sleeping bag.  A dry bag could be a good investment as we will be going on other water-borne trips in the future.

If you don’t want to invest in dry bags at this time, alternatives include zip-loc bags for small items and heavy duty garbage bags for clothing and larger items.  If you choose this method, you should double-bag your gear.  Wrap the gear in the first bag and seal it. Then put the first bag upside-down in the second bag and seal that bag as well.  Garbage bags may tear as you pack gear in the kayak, so placing the bags in a small duffel, stuff sack or daypack will protect the bags from tearing or scratching.  You are also better if you put gear in stuff sacks and then into the garbage bag, rather than just throwing gear loose into a garbage bag. If you choose this method for packing, make sure your gear is in small enough bags to fit in the kayak and allow you to distribute the gear throughout the boat.

Sorry for the last minute notice.  We’ll cover this in detail at tonight’s meeting.