We’ve Moved!

Our website is now active with our new hosting provider!

Although you will still reach us at scouttroop591.org, the magic of the Inter Webs will now direct your browser to a new web hosting provider.

I tried my best to make sure all the site content was copied correctly to the new hosts, but there may be a few things that did not get set up correctly in the move.  If you’re having trouble accessing content or see pages that don’t look quite right, please send me an email so that I can get them corrected quickly.

There will be a few subtle changes to the website as I’ve been able to upgrade to the newer versions of WordPress. For example, when you log in you should now see a “ribbon” on the top of the page with links to your profile and “dashboard”.

Along with the website, our mail host has also moved.  Hopefully this is all set, but if you’re having trouble reaching me on email please let me know at the meeting or give me a call.

Please enjoy the new site and let me know if you have any comments!