Klondike Countdown

Scouts & Parents,

Mr. Valante, Mr. Leonard and I had a chance to go tour the Klondike site in Billerica on Saturday. It looks like a fun course and we have high expectations for this year’s event.

In addition to the Patrol sleds, the adults will be running one of the stations at this year’s event.  If you are a parent interested in helping us man the station, Mr. Valante will host an informational session for the adults at 6:30 (just before the meeting) on Wednesday.

Scouts are reminded that we will be completing the Patrol kits this Wednesday.  This includes split firewood and tinder as required in the equipment list.  (Fires must be started with only wood and matches!) Patrol leaders should make sure that they have a duffel ready to hold patrol gear.  All Patrol gear must be organized and prepared by the end of the meeting on Wednesday.  Patrol gear and the sleds will be stored in the shed and picked up on Friday night for transport to the Klondike site.

Please read the equipment list posted last week.  In addition to those things specifically required, don’t forget to pack stoves, fuel and cooking equipment for lunch.

Parking will be limited at the Derby, so we’ll plan to meet at 7:00 am Saturday morning at St. Mark’s and consolidate cars for the ride to Billerica.

Permission slip and trip details are posted in the Outings section (login required).  A reminder that all Scouts attending the Klondike must have a signed permission slip and the $20 event fee at Wednesday’s meeting.