Klondike Derby!

The 2012 Klondike Derby Carnival is nearly upon us!  After completing a successful trial run of this year’s sleds last week, we’re beginning the final preparations for the Derby Carnival itself.  Click on the banner above to go to the Council’s web page with more details on this event!

Patrols need to prepare the following sled kits over the next week and have them ready for inspection at the Jan 25th meeting:

  • Galvanized trash can lid for fire building
  • Firewood
  • Matches
  • Water Jug + Personal water bottles (2 quarts of water for each Scout plus enough extra to put out a small fire)
  • (4) 5′ long poles
  • Rope for lashing & knots
  • Blanket (think stretcher carry .. wool blankets work best!)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Compasses
  • Cup & spoon for each Scout
  • Trash bag
  • HOT trail lunch + stove & cooking supplies
  • Can of soup (no cream of anything) for the Hobo Soup
  • 20 Index Cards labeled with Patrol Name, Troop Number and Town

All Patrol Gear (with the exception of the poles) should fit into a medium sized duffel bag to make it easier to carry on the sled.

All Scouts will need a signed permission slip and the event fee with them at next week’s meeting.  The cost for this event is $20/Scout ($10 event fee, $5 for food and $5 for sled materials).  I’ll post the form and more event details later.