Geocaching… Using Multi-Million dollar Satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.

This weekend, we will be hunting some elusive Tupperware.   This is all done thru a website called   To get the troop started, I have created a Troop account on   The account login: ********; password: *******.

With your parents permission, take a look at the site.  Some things to note: Off the Play Menu, you can select on Hide/Seek a Cache to find local caches near you.  Off the Profile Menu, you can look at “Trackables”, select on “yours” and this will bring you to the Troop’s travel bug that we want to release this weekend.

As always…  this is a public web site, and we are always respectful when posting on line.


Mr. Valante


  1. The Scoutmaster says:

    I removed the account and password information from this posting on the website (so someone doesn’t see our stuff without permission). The information was also sent out in email. Check your email for the account information or contact Mr. Valante.