672 is a very important number.

It represents the minimum number of adult volunteer hours we need to support the Troop during summer camp. Scout camp relies on each Troop to provide adult supervision for the boys during non-program hours. So it’s a fairly easy calculation: We need 4 adults in camp 24 hours each day for 7 days.

4 is the magic number of adults. With a requirement for 2-deep adult leadership for any contact with the Scouts, we can’t leave a single adult in the Troop site. Leaving an empty site is an invitation for trouble as Scouts come and go during the day. So in order to provide an adult presence in the site and allow the Scoutmaster to attend meetings and adults to run errands we need at least 4 adults.

24 hour coverage is a must. We’ve had boys get sick in the middle of the night or had to deal with a sudden late-night storm during which one or more adults need to leave the site.

7 days is the number of days your boys will be there … and if your boys are there we need adults to be there with them!

So 672 is the number we need to meet. As of today, we’re only 1/4 of the way there … with 168 hours of coverage.  That leaves us with 504 hours left to cover.

In order to insure proper coverage, we must have a firm commitment from adults to specific dates and times that you can stay with the Troop at camp. If you can’t stay the entire week, but have some flexibility please let us know, but we need to start getting adult time filled in to know which dates are lacking coverage.

There will be a adult signup sheet at the meetings and we ask for your help to fill in the blanks as soon as possible. Without your support there’s no summer camp for the boys.