The Geo Cacheing Trip

It was great days on the weekend on April 17, 2012. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and seven dudes, were off for a hunt. You might ask “what hunt?” Not a hunt for Easter eggs, or seashells. It was a hunt for, Geocaches.


In the Scout Troop 591, Jason, Ryan, Brian, Alex C, Sam, Alex O, and Parker. The seven dudes, looking desperately on a search for Geo Caches. While on a nature walk on the trail, the dudes were looking everywhere. Behind rocks, underneath the soil, on top of tree branches, and more. Basically, they were looking every single square inch of the trail. Instead of the young scouts horsing around, (Jason, Ryan, Alex C., and Sam). These guys were a lot more focused on the task being served. The luck of the scouts suddenly changed. Inside of a hollow tree was a geocache. Sam and Jason found the first one. Then, another was found, inside a rock. Sam Leonard has two points. Jason found it behind a rock, two points for Jason. Jason and Sam are in a tie. Wait, what’s this? Ryan is coming out of nowhere finding one under a pine needle. It was closing in to the end of the day. The sun was setting, and the birds stopped chirping, but one found one more. At the end, Alex Orfanos with his stealthily eyes, found the fifth and last geo cache. It’s not called that though, he found a micro cache, a very small tube, in a tree. He gets two points because of his sneaky eyes finding a miniscule tube in a tree. So let us see the scoreboard. Tied in first place is Jason, Sam, and Alex O with two points. In second place is Ryan with one point. And tied for third is Brian, Alex, and Parker. But hey, everybody’s a winner in Troop 591. Great job guys. That wraps up the day. Going back home