Countdown to Yawgoog: 9 Days to Go!

The t-shirts have arrived. We’ve got a good start on collecting wood for our pioneering project. 2 boxes of manilla rope for lashings are sitting in my house.

But there’s still a lot to do!

And we’ve only got 1 more week to get ready for camp!!!

Don’t Panic!

I think we’ll be OK as long as everyone remembers the Scout Motto – “Be Prepared“!

While I’m sure that everyone has ALL their gear packed and ready for camp, I thought a couple of reminders would be in order …

  • Don’t forget a water bottle (or two) … it get’s hot in July and we need to stay hydrated!
  • A daypack is a great help for carrying stuff (like your water bottle) around with you
  • Pack a pen and a notebook in your foot locker – especially if you’re taking E-Sci, Communications or one of the Cit badges at camp.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen.  (Remember how Mike looked after Lifesaving class last year?)
  • If you pack in snacks or goodies, make sure you store them in a hard, sealed container so the critters don’t make off with your stash!
  • If you bring your rain jacket it won’t rain, but if you forget it at home ….
  • Finally, don’t forget to bring your full class-A uniform clean, pressed and ready for pictures.  (If you put your shirt on a hanger, it might even stay reasonably neat and clean through the week!)

And of course, the Tip of the Day

Bring a laundry bag or old dry cleaning bag for your dirty socks and wet clothes.  This way your clean clothes stay clean and your dirty stuff can be incinerated right in the bag when you get home!