Fall Fundraiser

Troop 591 is kicking off the new school year with our fall fundraiser!

Purchase your 2013 Entertainment.com Coupon Savings Book with discounts and deals at area merchants and help support a great cause! This year’s Greater Boston and Eastern MA Coupon book is Packed with over $56,858 worth of local coupons! A significant portion of the price of each book is returned to the Troop, so share the information with your friends, neighbors and family. Coupon books are available for areas throughout the country (and even Canada!) for your far-flung relatives and friends.

Entertainment Fundraising

Where Does the Money Go?

Funds raised by the Troop help in 3 ways:

  1. A portion of the funds goes into the Troop’s General Fund for the purchase and maintenance of equipment – such as tents, stoves, tarps and the other gear we use on camping trips and other Troop activities.
  2. A portion of the funds raised by an individual Scout is held for that Scout to be used to cover costs associated with trips or outings.
  3. The final portion of the funds helps to support special High Adventure trips the Troop organizes every 2-4 years.  Average cost for these special trips range from $1,500 to $2,500 per Scout and your contribution helps to defray the cost of the trip for the Scout and their family.

Where Do We Go?

As a Troop we pride ourselves on the opportunities for adventure and learning we give to our Scouts.  In the past some of our Troop Trips have included:

This year we plan on a High Adventure trip to the Pacific Northwest to sea kayak in the San Juan Islands.

All these trips represent remarkable opportunities for our Scouts.  The cost for any one of these trips is significant, but the value of the experience will last each Scout a lifetime.

Thank You!

We would like to say Thank You to those of you who purchase a coupon book for what you have helped to make possible. Every dollar we raise goes to supporting the Scouts through the programs we build for the Troop. Without your generous support we would not be able to do half the things we do each year to support and develop our youth through the aims, ideals and opportunities in Scouting!