Trip Cancellation :(

Although I think we knew it was coming, this is the official announcement that our snowshoe trip is cancelled for this weekend.

Intellicast Snow Forecast

The National Weather Service has forecast continued snow and blowing snow through the noon hour with snow showers continuing into Saturday afternoon. Our area is expected to get over 2 feet of snow – The storm forecast map on Intellicast shows the possibility of up to 42 inches – that’s 3 1/2 feet!! – in the MetroWest area.

With the snow and high winds travel will be extremely hazardous. If the recent storms are any indication, we will be dealing with power outages and downed trees in addition to clearing the snow.

While I really regret having to make this call — this is probably my favorite trip of the year — the safety of our Scouts and their families has to be my first concern.

I hope everyone stays warm and safe through the storm .. and also has the opportunity to go out and play in the snow once it’s all said and done.