New 2013 BSA Med Form

A note to parents that the BSA has a new version of the Health and Medical Record in force for 2013.

A copy of the new form (Parts A-C) has been posted to our website and all 3 parts are required for camp. Camp Yawgoog requires that all information be filled out on the form  and not provided as an attachment. 

For Scouts attending Jamboree this summer, you are also required to fill in Part D – which is not included in the copy on our website. You should have a copy of the new health form from the Jamboree Troop, but if not you can download the full form from the BSA website (  If you are attending Jamboree, a copy of that health form will be valid for Yawgoog as well.

If you’re taking your son in for his physical over the next couple of months, pull down a copy of the new form to bring with you to your physician. The form is a fillable PDF, so you can type in the personal information and print it out for your doctor (they like it when you do that!).

Also note that a current health form is required for all adults who will be staying overnight at camp – whether for the whole week or just for a night or two.