Summer Camp Spirit

Hey Everybody,

So this upcoming Wednesday at SCOUT CAMP is the weekly dress up dinner. Now seeing as how the theme is Camp Yawgoog’s Got Talent, we decided to go with a rockstar theme for this dinner. After talking it over with fellow leadership, we have decided to have Alex Orfanos be the rockstar, myself and Brian be his body guards and everyone else be the paparazzi. So, for the paparazzi, I would suggest bringing a notebook, tape recorder, camera, microphone, anything that you see fit for a reporter. Maybe wearing an access pass or something. The body guards should bring sunglasses, maybe a black jacket, black shoes, black pants, etc. Brian, if you have any handcuffs, I would bring those. Alex, as the rockstar, I would recommend bringing a guitar (I have one if you need) and maybe some sunglasses and some rockstar clothes. Something crazy would be the best. So be creative! Everyone! This is the one night that you don’t have to wear class A’s to dinner. So make it fun!!! I’ll see all of you this sunday.

-Alex Casperson