Troop Treasurer Position Open

With Alex going off to college, Gerry will be stepping down as our Troop Treasurer in the fall.

We have an immediate opening on the Troop Committee for the position of Troop Treasurer.

This position is one of the most vital positions on the Committee as all Troop finances flow through the Treasurer.  Without an active Treasurer we can’t pay for activities, collect dues or track our expenses against fees for activities.  Duties of the Treasurer include:

  • Handle the Troop finances, including management of the Troop’s bank accounts
  • Track expenses and fees for outings and activities
  • Track Troop dues
  • Collect and deposit fees for activities
  • Track expenses and issue reimbursement checks
  • Manage Scout Accounts
  • Prepare a monthly financial statement for review with the Chairman and Scoutmaster
  • Assist the Scoutmaster in budgeting for activities, awards, equipment over the year
  • Mentor the Troop Scribe in the performance of his duties, including maintaining proper records for the collection of fees and recording of expenses

Although there are no formal requirements for this position (beyond the basic ability to balance a checkbook), some experience in accounting or bookkeeping would be very helpful.

If you are interested in serving as Treasurer, please contact Mr. Jensen or Mr. Orfanos.