Klondike next Saturday!

Dear Scouts & Parents;

Its beginning to look a lot like Klondike time!    We did a walk thru today, when we started, it was a little icy, when we finished, there was about 1 inch of snow and more was on the way.

The event is shaping up and it looks to be another fun time.   Primitive skills is the theme and there will be many challenging stations for the Scouts.  Dinner will be provided by the Klondike, a chicken.  The scouts will also have a chance to earn some carrots and potatoes along the trail.  I’m thinking a great chicken stew will go well on Saturday night after a hard day on the trails.

Reminder for this Wednesday(1/22):

  • We will be doing a review of all the gear and food needed   
  • Please have completed permission slips and checks (20$)

Reminder for Saturday:

  • We need to be up there early to setup camp, so please be at St Marks for 6:30, we will be leaving shortly after.   Since this is winter camping, bring warm clothing, and extra set of dry clothes (extra socks, hats, gloves & layers) to put on after the Klondike.  This will be very important to your comfort that night.   The outlook right now says… COLD.  We will be hiking in to setup camp, so back packs are necessary.

Any questions?   Send an email or bring them to the meeting on Wednesday.


Mr. Valante