Reminder: Klondike

Happy New Year Scouts and Parents;

Welcome back for the second half of the 2013/14 Scout season.  Our first challenge of the new year will be the Klondike Derby.  The sled is built and ready to go.  This year will be different, with a Native America and Primitive Living theme.   Making fire (flint/steel) and “hunting” down your dinner will be some of the skills you’ll learn in this Klondike.

Date: January 25th – 26th (6:30 AM at the St. Marks for gear and directions)
Location: Wood Hill Middle School/Harold R. Rafton Reservation, Andover
Cost: 20$ (Registration, Camping, Food)

Parents, we are looking for a few volunteers to come to camp for the day and some to participate in the Camp out.   Please drop me an email if you plan on participating.

Scouts, please read the Klondike Flyer for more details on Day Schedule and Equipment needed.


Mr. Valante