Scout Strong Sign Up


The boys (or Da boyz as they like to think) have decided to participate in the Scout Strong Fundraiser event.  A component of this event is the ability for the scouts to go online and register pledges or to send emails to friends and family for their support.

A discussion at last nights meeting with the boys about communications, checking their emails or making sure that they check with parents about scouting emails is important.  It is important that each scout take responsibility for knowing what is going on in the troop(and hopefully, sharing this with his parent).  We appreciate your support on this topic.

Also, the BSA has recently rolled out some training for being on line:  Cyber Chip Training.  Like the Totin’ Chip for cubs, the Cyber Chip is a course for both parents and scouts can take to make sure they are aware to the issues of being online.


Team “Da Boyz” has been created.  With your parents permission, please go online and signing up to Join the team. To sign up, go <here> and in the top right, you will see a button for “Join My Team”.   Please sign up and create your account.  In the next few meetings, we will go over several of the ways to use this site or to work on getting pledges.

If there are any issues or concerns, please let me know.