Update: Email Issues Appear Resolved

It appears that the issues we were having sending emails to certain addresses has been resolved.

Our Web hosting provider was blocking outbound email based on suspected email spam coming from our website.  We have removed the block and it appears that email is flowing correctly now.

The problems affected mostly Comcast email accounts, but we suspect Verizon accounts were impacted as well.  If you suspect you are not receiving email from the Troop please take the following steps to help determine the problem:

  1. Check the Website. If you look at the “Announcements” page, each article posted there would also have been sent to our email subscribers.  If you see things here that you didn’t see in your email, you may be having issues receiving email from the Troop.
  2. Check your Spam/Junk Folder. It could be that the Troop emails are being marked as “spam” and may be sitting in your Spam or Junk folder.  You should add the email address “[email protected]” to your contact list and your email provider should avoid sending our email to Junk.
  3. Check your Site Subscription. It could be that your email address is not correctly registered on our list. Try subscribing again (the subscription form is on the bottom of our home page).  If your email address is already registered, you will get a message indicating that your address is already in our system.
  4. Send Email to the Troop. Send a message to [email protected] and let us know you’re having a problem receiving email. We will arrange to send you some test messages to help us determine what’s preventing delivery to your account.

Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve the problems.  Hopefully we won’t seen more problems in the future.