2014 Summer Camp

Camp Yawgoog, Rockville, RI

Troop Week: July 6 – 13, 2014

Troop 591 will be attending Camp Yawgoog for Week 2 (July 6-13) of the 2014 program year.

We are staying in Camp Sandy Beach at the James West campsite.

A 16-foot-tall Guitar Player named Steve

Our 2013 Gateway – Featuring “Steve”


Important Dates!

April 9, 2014 Registration and $100 Deposit Due
June 4, 2014 Final Payment Due
June 18, 2014 Medical Forms Due
June 18, 2012 Program Registration/Requests
Special Diet Requests
Troop and Patrol Plans


The Theme of the Week for Week 2 is — Comic Book Week!

As always, Troop 591 will be creating a Pioneering Project for our campsite to reflect the Theme of the Week.

Your Troop leadership will help us decide on how the Troop will display our Scout Spirit, Sandy Beach Pride and creativity to fit in with the theme and to create a memorable pioneering project for the Scouts & Staff to enjoy.


Total cost for attending Camp Yawgoog is $430 per Scout.

A $100 Reservation deposit is due on April 9, 2014

Final payment ($330) is due no later than June 4, 2014

A $40/Scout “Brother Discount” is available to families sending 2 or more Scouts to camp.

Please make all checks payable to “Troop 591“.

Medical Forms

A current med form, signed by your physician, is required for all Scouts and Adult Leaders who will be attending camp.

Please visit the Yawgoog Health Policy page for more details on the Medical Forms requirements.  There’s even a handy guide for how to fill out the form!

The 2014 BSA Medical Form (Parts ABC) is a PDF form that can be filled out on your computer and saved or printed. Sections A, B and C must be filled in for summer camp. Part C must be filled out by your physician.

Note 1: The BSA Health Form was revised (yet again!) for 2014.  You may use the 2013 form or the 2014 form for camp this year.

Note 2: Because of the large numbers of Scouts that attend camp each week, you must have all health data entered on the official BSA form. Attachments (such as immunization records) are not accepted by the camp staff.

Note 3: You must attach a photocopy of both the front and back of your medical insurance card to the med form to complete the requirements for camp.


Medication for Scouts will be managed by the Troop.  Adults attending camp are responsible for their own medications.

All medications (prescriptions or OTC) for Scouts attending camp must be handed in to the Scoutmaster during camp checkin procedures.

Prescription medications must be listed on the Scout’s med form. Parents are responsible to advise the Scoutmaster in writing as to the nature of the medication, reason for prescription, dosing instructions and missed dosage procedures (just in case).

Over the counter medications, such as allergy tablets, pain relievers, cold medication may not be held by the Scouts and must be turned in to the Scoutmaster along with any prescription medications.  Parents must provide written instructions on dosage requirements and conditions for administration of “occasional use” medications such as pain relievers.

Emergency medications – such as asthma inhalers and Epipens – will be held by the Scout.  Parents must advise the Scoutmaster in writing of any emergency medications in possession of the Scout, the conditions warranting the use of emergency medications and any requirements or considerations for use.  The Troop strongly encourages parents to provide backup emergency medications – such as an extra inhaler or Epipen – to be held by the Troop in case the Scout misplaces his medication.  Scouts are responsible to report any condition requiring use of their emergency medications to the Scoutmaster.

Medications for Scouts sould be packed either in “pill boxes” or individual baggies with clear written instructions on times, dosage, etc.   Prescription medications should include a copy of the prescription.  All packages, instructions and prescriptions should have the Scout’s name written on the container or paper for identification.

Containers, instructions and prescriptions should be packed in a 1-gallon ZipLoc bag with the Scout’s name written in marker on the outside of the bag.


Camp food is … well … camp food.  The meals are all nutritious, if not inspiring.  The menu for Troop week will be posted when it becomes available.

If your son has special dietary requirements, a form is provided below for special dietary needs.  The form must be completed and handed in to the Troop by June 18, 2014.

While we understand that most Scouts will bring some of their own snacks, we ask that those snacks be appropriate (no refrigeration is available) and that all food is packed in a hard, sealed container to keep the critters away.


The camp program day is broken up in to 4 program blocks of 1 1/2 hours each during the day and 1 block after dinner in the evening.

While it is possible to fill your day with merit badge classes, we do encourage Scouts to reserve some free time in the schedule for open boating or swimming, rifle range, archery or other “fun” activities.  Open blocks at many of the activity centers are usually the 2nd block in the morning and afternoon and the evening block.

Merit badge courses are by pre-registration only.  Merit badge registration requests are due to the Troop by June 15.  Scouts wishing to enroll in any of the Special Eagle Badge courses must have prior permission from the Scoutmaster.

We encourage first year Scouts to enroll in the Swimming merit badge course and to attend the New Frontier program, which focuses on basic Scout skills and rank advancement.

Scouts should note that certain merit badge courses have pre-requisites that must be completed before camp.  Workbooks, requirements list and pre-requisites for each merit badge offered at camp can be found on the Yawgoog website on the Merit Badge Program page.

Forms & Brochures

2014 BSA Medical Form (Parts ABC) – All 3 parts are required for camp

2014 Yawgoog Program Guide

2014 Merit Badge Schedule

Also check the MB Program page for any prerequisites that must be completed before camp.

Planning Worksheet (The SPL needs this form)

Program Request Sheet (The SPL needs this form as well. For Troop activities while at camp)

Yawgoog Aims Worksheet (Each Patrol Leader needs this form)

2014 Program Highlights (Including the Theme of the Week!)

Yawgoog Camp Map

Packing List

Special Diet Form

For additional info please visit the Camp Yawgoog Website at