This Week’s Meeting Reminders

Reminders for our last official meeting of 2013 …

Kayak Trip

Our kayak trip to Lake Umbagog takes place this weekend

These forms must, must, MUST be turned in Wednesday night.  I need one signed form for each participant before we can take the kayaks offsite.  Friday is too late. I will be going directly to the outfitter around noon on Friday and have no plans to meet at the church or elsewhere after Wednesday night. Without your form there will be no kayak trip!

Grubmasters are requested to bring all non-perishable food to the meeting on Wednesday for packing.

Tent assignments and gear distribution will be handled at the meeting.  If you need something from the shed – tents, stoves, pots, tarps, fuel, etc. – it must come out of the shed on Wednesday.  Again, there are no plans to meet at the church and open up the shed on Friday.

Summer Camp

Wednesday is the deadline for Med Forms for Summer Camp.  If you haven’t yet gotten your form signed by your doctor, please use the 2014 BSA Medical Form (Parts ABC).  (The old form is still accepted, but the new form is preferred)

Wednesday is also the deadline for the final payment for Summer Camp.  The final payment (assuming you’ve already paid the $100 deposit) is $330 per Scout.

T-shirt order needs to be completed this week.  If you haven’t yet responded to our online poll, please do so before the meeting.  We’ll also have an order form available at the meeting.  If you don’t specify a size, you’ll get a Medium … so if you want another size, please submit your order!!  1 shirt for each camper.  Extra shirts can be ordered for $15 each.

Last Day of School

Congratulations to all our Scouts for surviving another year of school!

Thursday is the last day of school in Westford, which means that Wednesday is our last official meeting of the year.

Although there is no official meeting on June 25th, we will be at the church to accept any last minute Summer Camp forms and to allow Scouts the opportunity to return any gear taken on the kayak trip.

All gear must be returned (clean, dry and ready for summer storage) on June 25th.