Update from the Road…

Greeting Scouts.

Found something amusing i wanted to share…

Anyone remember the Geo-caching Travel bug we sent out during our trip to Camp Squanto?

Pickles and Ketchup    Now do you remember??      To date, it has logged about 10,225 Miles since we let it loose back in March 2013.  Right now it’s making its way thru Europe and was last seen in Oberösterreich, Austria.  It managed be seen many people at the first  Giga Event at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. One of the posts:  “In München auf dem GIGA Event viele TB´s, Coins, T-Shirts, Rücksäcke etc. dicovered. Dieser war einer davon. Danke ”

Its currently in the hands of a seasoned Geocacher with over 2000 finds…   Looks like Pickles and Ketchup are still moving along.

Mr. Valante